7 Products You Need to Call Yourself a Cannabis Connoisseur

7 Products You Need to Call Yourself a Cannabis Connoisseur


The savviest of consumers are always looking beyond the elevated effects of cannabis. Satisfaction isn’t just about hitting the highest notes of intoxication. It’s curating the tastes, smells, and lifestyles with the latest and greatest products – arguably the true hallmarks of a connoisseur.

The making of a cannabis connoisseur is a little complicated. There aren’t any rules, but you need to be someone with a superior drive, sense of taste, and style. If you consider yourself a modern cannabis connoisseur, you not only enjoy a good smoke, but you make every session an experience. 

But there are a few accessories you need to own too.

What follows is an alphabetically-ordered list (no bias) of some of the most exciting and inspiring products you need to call yourself a cannabis connoisseur.

1. Apothecarry Case

The Apothecarry case ($275) is luxury leather, secure, smart, and odor/humidity-resistant carry case fit for the modern cannabis connoisseur. Visually, it’s a unique work of art with a timeless and classy design. The handcrafted case features a special organizational system designed to carry, conceal, and protect your cannabis. It can also house some of your accessories.

Built with style and intelligence, its features include:

  • Humidity control herb jars with customizable re-writable labels
  • Humidity control packets
  • Dab containers with non-stick coating for holding dabs/oils
  • A removable rolling tray
  • A side nook with a lid for tools and papers
  • Vegan-friendly leatherette interior with high-density foam to keep your glassware safe
  • Small and easy to carry, just like your regular briefcase

2. Ceramic Bong

The bong is an ageless piece of smoking equipment for cannabis connoisseurs with taste. But this special, handcrafted ceramic bong from Summerland ($210) is an even more refined, classier piece of equipment. Away from the harshness of the dry blunt, the bong offers a smoother, creamier taste and a stronger effect that’s a relish. This bong is also a perfect gift for that special friend.

3. E-Lighter from Green Jay

The combustion/flame-free E-lighter from Green Jay ($23) is a smart lighter with style. The minimalist smart device is powered by lithium-ion batteries that can last for up to 30 hours on a single charge with regular use. 

There are no flames, and the lighter doesn’t need fuel. A perfect accessory to complete your ensemble as the designated cannabis connoisseur in your circle, the windproof lighter can go anywhere.

4. Firefly 2+ Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Firefly 2+ ($250) is a refined, lighter, sleeker, and smarter dry herb vaporizer made to rival the Pax3. An upgrade of the original Firefly 2, the device is a head-turner with superior functionality and exciting qualities. It’s fit for purpose, delivering rich, smooth vapor and an elegant performance for a longer time.

Away from the stoner image, this vaporizer suits the profile of a smart cannabis connoisseur with the world at their fingertips.

5. Flower Mill

Rather than shredding like conventional grinders, the premium edition Flower Mill ($99) is a stainless steel, 4-piece grinding alternative. Rather than shredding like a conventional grinder, milling crumbles the herb where it naturally wants to fall apart for an incredibly fluffy product.

With nothing else like it in the grinder market, the Flower Mill has a modular design to increase your bowl size, and swappable screens to adjust how fine you want your weed to turn out. A true cannabis connoisseur will recognize innovation when they see it.

6. Rollers Club Subscription from the Hippie Butler

Bask in the aura of an endless supply for just $16. With a Rollers Club Subscription, you can enjoy a year-round supply of weed-smoking essentials, including rolling papers, trays, matches, and other accessories.

A cannabis connoisseur’s delight, a Rollers Club Subscription means you’ll never run short of your most-used essentials when you need them. Each box is delivered with love to your home every month.

7. Stündenglass Gravity Infuser

The Stündenglass Gravity Infuser ($549) is a time-honored, sophisticated infuser designed for fully-functional versatility. It delivers an immersive experience with smooth, vaporous draws that keep you going back for more.

A truly bespoke piece of art, the Stündenglass Gravity infuser has all the trappings of elite exclusivity. The vaporizer delivers a superior experience aptly fit for a king. Or in this case, a cannabis connoisseur. Made with the finest materials, the infuser is super durable and offers the best experience money can buy.