Ten High End Cannabis Accessories to Complete Your Experience

Ten High End Cannabis Accessories to Complete Your Experience

Let’s Talk About Your Flair: Ten High-End Cannabis Accessories to Complete Your Experience

The ten accessories you need for the ultimate high-end stoner experience. 

Every cannabis fan has a list of essentials for the average smoke session, but is your kit complete? 

You probably have a few basics: cannabis grinder (remember kids, mill, don’t grind), pipe, bong, rolling papers, blunt wraps, and a lighter (or matches in a pinch). And that’s excellent - there’s a time and a place for your tried and true cannabis essentials. 

But makers are elevating the essentials to make every cannabis experience, well, an experience. 

There’s a new breed of functional and straightforward cannabis accessories that are so well-designed and well-made that they turn your average smoke session into a sublime experience. It’s like your favorite handmade mug that elevates your morning coffee or a mechanical pen that transforms the act of writing - even if you're recording a nagging to-do list.  

Then there are your cannabis-adjacent accessories. The things that turn an average mid-week smoke session into a cerebral and, dare we say, transcendental experience (or maybe just a genuinely good time - it doesn’t have to be heady). If you’re wondering what we’re talking about, keep reading - it’ll make sense soon. 

You should take advantage of every opportunity to transform daily life, and these high-end cannabis accessories will do just that. 

Here’s our list of the ten accessories every discerning cannabis consumer needs for the ultimate stoner experience.

1. FlowerMill Cannabis Mill:

Mill, don’t grind. Our cannabis mills are an essential accessory. Instead of shredding your herb, they progressively crumble the bud where it naturally wants to break apart for fluffy and uniformly milled cannabis. If you’re still breaking up your bud by hand, or worse, if you’re using a grinder that pulverizes weed and strips nugs of their trichomes, FlowerMill will transform your consumption experience. And with our expansion packs, you can take things to the next level; swap between four screens to fine-tune the milled herb. This is not your dad’s herb grinder. 

    FlowerMill: Premium Edition $99.95

    Standard Edition $69.95 (FlowerMill


    2. The Classic Zippo Lighter:

     A flame is a flame is a flame, right? Not exactly. Sure, you can “accidentally” pocket your friend’s Bic lighter or fumble with a match, but your weed deserves better, and you do, too. Zippo is a certified American classic. Their lighters patina beautifully, and there’s nothing like the satisfying clack of the lid as it closes after you take that first, long, and flavorful hit. We’re fans of a straightforward brass Zippo; it looks good and gets the job done. 


    Zippo Brass Pocket Lighters - $18.83

    Zippo Brass Pocket Lighters - $18.83 (Amazon


    3. Devambez Rolling Papers:

    Devambez Rolling Papers: The Classic Duet  $38

    Nothing beats the classic joint. But sometimes, even the classics deserve an upgrade. Devambez French-made and designed organic hemp rolling papers aren’t cheap, but they’re worth every hard-earned dollar. Davembez says, “every smoke can be a graceful gesture.” We agree. 

    Devambez Rolling Papers: The Classic Duet - $38 (Devambez)


    4. Old Pal Provisions Brass Stash Case:

    Secure your stash with a case that looks as good on your desk as it does in your hand (or pocket). Old Pal says their Brass Stash Case “feels like an artifact from a bygone era.” It’s a solid piece with a vintage quality, like a worn-in brass heirloom you discovered at the bottom of your grandfather’s junk drawer. 

    Old Pal Provisions Brash Stash Case - $24 (Old Pal)


    5. Blackbird Incense Discovery Set:

    We love the smell of cannabis, but sometimes discretion is in order. Create an atmosphere with Blackbird’s incense discovery set - a hand-curated selection of high-end incense that’ll have you wondering why anyone bothers with Nag Champa anymore. 


    Blackbird Incense Discovery Set - $35 (Blackbird)

    Blackbird Incense Discovery Set - $35 (Blackbird)


    6. Summerland Ceramics Land Yacht:

    Do you need a hand-thrown ceramic bong that has more in common with a vintage vase than a Graffix piece? Yes, you do. The Land Yacht is Summerland Ceramics’ largest bong; it’s a modern classic, like a vintage Eames chair or Chemex coffee maker. Summerland uses lead-free, food-safe glazes and a high-grade silicone grommet to ensure “clean hits and airtight carbs, every time.” Summerland makes a bong we’d happily display on a shelf, and that’s saying a lot. 


    Summerland Ceramics Land Yacht - $275 

    Summerland Ceramics Land Yacht - $275 (Summerland Ceramics)


    7. Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evo:

    There’s a synergy between the analog vinyl experience and the experience of consuming top-shelf cannabis flower. High-end audio manufacturer Pro-Ject simplifies and captures the analog audiophile experience in a reasonable (and beautiful) package that makes enjoying your favorite records and your favorite strains easy. Vinyl never went away; it’s been waiting for you all these years. 

    Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evo - $499

    Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evo - $499 (Turntable Lab)


    8. Vintage Vinyl:

    Set the right mood for your smoke session with an expertly curated selection of vintage vinyl. Here are a few record store clerk approved recommendations to get you started:

    Beach Boys: Pet Sounds

    The Byrds: Sweetheart of the Rodeo

    Miles Davis: Bitches Brew

    Can: Ege Bamyasi


    9. Field Notes Notebooks:



    Put intention behind your weekly (or daily) smoke sessions by recording notes on strain flavors and effects in a Field Notes notebook. Field Notes vintage-inspired notebooks are slim volumes you can slip into your back pocket to record notes when inspiration strikes. They’re also handy for those times when you’re too high to remember to put your wash in the dryer. 

    “I’m not writing it down to remember it later; I’m writing it down to remember it now.” - Field Notes. 


    Field Notes 2-Pack Ruled Notebook - $14.95 (Amazon)


    10. Jack Kerouac’s On the Road:

    Kerouac’s On the Road is a beat generation classic and American literary manifesto. Take a trip across 1940s America with a group of literary outlaws and outcasts as they smoke tea (cannabis), dig bebop-era jazz, and explore the meaning of existence (heavy). A good book and good weed are your faithful Sunday afternoon companions. 

    ack Kerouac, On the Road - $13.33

    Jack Kerouac, On the Road - $13.33 (Amazon)

    The things you surround yourself with have a direct impact on your daily life experience. We think everything you interact with throughout the day should be intentionally, purposefully, and beautifully designed - especially when it comes to your cannabis smoking (and lifestyle) accessories. 

    In the words of midcentury design icon Charles Eames,

    take your pleasure seriously.” 


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