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Next Gen Premium 2.5" Stainless Series - Black

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The ultimate personal flower processing tool.

 Premium Food Safe Materials inside and out. 

 Customize your consistency with swappable milling plates (#3 Medium included)

 Collect the good stuff with the included removable Pollen Screen

Easy to process and clean

 Quick release lower catch

Deep milling chamber


Caret Down

Capacity: up to 3.5g

Materials: 6061 Aluminum Exterior, Food Grade Stainless Milling Chamber

Dimensions: 2.6in (66mm) W x1.8in (46mm) H

Weight: 10.5oz (297g)

Using Your Mill

Caret Down
  • Break flower down into smalls and fill chamber (not over the center rod)
  • Place knob over chamber but don't squish.
  • Starting with very little downward force twist knob back and forth while keeping the knob level
  • Feel and listen for it to finish, happens quicker than you might expect.
Next Gen Premium 2.5" Stainless Series - Black
Next Gen Premium 2.5" Stainless Series - Black


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
William Thomas
I used to hate the grinding part of it

This ain't a grinder, by any stretch of the imagination. What it does to your product is such a thorough, gentle process, nothing like the violent shredding & ripping that grinders do. And, where a typical grinder is not going to deliver a uniform result, THIS thing is just so pleasantly amazing, giving you a consistent, almost beautiful, output.
So, it's not really cheap, you say? All I can respond with is that since I've acquired the Next Gen Premium 2.5" Stainless, not once have I even begun to have any regrets about what I spent...and if, for some terrible reason, mine were lost/stolen, I would most definitely be purchasing another one, ASAP.


Purchased the 2.5 stainless steel Flower Mill grinder after getting tired of my cheap(er) grinder usually just smashing my leaf, leaving me to tear it up to pack it in a pipe.

What a difference!!! I love, love this new style of plate grinding. No more smashing the green between posts, this mill grabs and cuts the leaves with easy rotations. The lid has a nice weight to it, with a strong magnet to hold it together. The herb chamber is deep and easy to clean. And I'm a big fan of the terp screen below it.

It's a quality product that takes the hassle out of grinding. I'll be using this mill for a long time to come!

Next Gen Premium 2.5 SS Series

This is my 100% go to since switching to the #2 fine plate. I will first grind upside down ending up with the perfect fluff grind. I love its sturdiness and solid feel. The optional plate has helped making it no.1 in our book.

John Madill
I found it! Did you?

I’m always looking for something different, something better.

When it comes to grinders, this is it!

I absolutely hated using the ‘tried and true’ grinder, as
Not only could I not get the kind of grind I would like, as I usually had to clean the holes by stuffing something thru to clear them.

As for electric grinders, not so good, as they fling the trichomes / kief instead of leaving them on the plant.

This grinder keeps the sugar on the greens, and all of the good stuff goes into the catch with a nice fluffy mix of herb.

It is a little pricey, but well worth the investment. I can’t recommend highly enough.

Like butta

Feels so nice to hold. Heavy and sturdy, and grinds bud like butter. And quickly! 10/10 life changing

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