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Next Gen Premium 2.0" Stainless Series - Black

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The ultimate personal flower processing tool.

 Premium Food Safe Materials inside and out. 

 Customize your consistency with swappable milling plates (#3 Medium included)

 Collect the good stuff with the included removable Pollen Screen

Easy to process and clean

  Quick release lower catch

Deep milling chamber


Caret Down

Capacity: up to 2g

Materials: 6061 Aluminum Exterior, Food Grade Stainless Milling Chamber

Dimensions: 2.1in (54mm) W x 1.6in (41mm) H

Weight: 6.4oz (183g)

Using Your Mill

Caret Down
  • Break flower down into smalls and fill chamber (not over the center rod)
  • Place knob over chamber but don't squish.
  • Starting with very little downward force twist knob back and forth while keeping the knob level
  • Feel and listen for it to finish, happens quicker than you might expect.
Next Gen Premium 2.0" Stainless Series - Black
Next Gen Premium 2.0" Stainless Series - Black


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Amazing quality

Grinds perfectly and with ease. Well worth the money ! If using for a Duncan or pre-rolls, I'd get the finer plate - medium was a bit too coarse for me. No evidence of any "metal shavings", either. Love this thing!

Andrew R.
Great gear

I'm impressed with the two inch flower mill. It’s on the small side, but that’s okay. The action is very different than grinding, smoother, but on tough nugs it does take a bit of work. Break your bud into small pieces, and it works very well. The result is a uniform, fluffy pile of medium coarseness with the medium plate. There is none of the pulverized powder many grinders deliver. I use a medium tight roll with joints and get a great burn. It burns a bit slower than the more powdery grind I had been accustomed to, so to avoid runs, make sure to leave adequate air flow. Also, get a good cherry going before smoking, and in particular leave adequate air flow at the tip.

I haven’t owned it long, but it seems durable, and it is well-made. A bonus: it seems to clog much less than a conventional grinder. Take some time to get the feel of it, and you will really love it.

Eric Culley
Simply works. Amazing build quality!

This thing is super well made and does exactly what they claim it to do. Very easy to clean, very easy to use and it produces the best fluff I’ve had from any “grinder” yet. Just wish I had gotten the larger one.

This plus a Dynavap are a match made in Heaven

The grooves are easily cleaned by the tail end of the Dynacap, which already has the perfect curves for the job, keeping your mill running smoothly.

Paul Moss

After you use one of these you'll never go back to a grinder.

I've put two ounces through mine since getting it, and it never skips a beat.

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