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Next Gen Premium 2.0" Mill Plates

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Mill Plate Size: #1 Extra Fine

Precision cut food grade stainless steel. Fits 2.0" Next Gen Premium

  • New integrated center rods make plate swapping a breeze—no more lost parts or fumbling.
  • 34% Thicker than Gen 1 Mill plates (not compatible with Gen 1 Mills)
  • Pick your consistency between 4 additional sizes
    • #1 - Extra Fine
    • #2 - Fine
    • #4 - Coarse
    • #5 - Extra Coarse
Next Gen Premium 2.0" Mill Plates
Next Gen Premium 2.0" Mill Plates
Caret Down

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Plate #2 matters

I like the Premium large w/ catch screen. The standard aluminum I first bought (resulting from email mktg) unfortunately had no catch, so that gave me reason to check out the ss premium piece. The grind from the included plate was a little too rough for some of the finer operations. It is the #2 plate making our day. Until then, your product was sitting in last place vs Santa Cruz, Old Mate, BCG. #2 Plate Matters.

NOW, after running the #2 for a bit, this heavy duty SS does its job as well and/or better than others mentioned. Lacking criticism this baby is our #1 grab while naming it “The Wizard”.

Admittedly, the company’s marketing ploy had worked my curiosity. I and others here are enjoying your product.

Jeff D
Game Changer!

The Flower Mill has transformed my cannabis preparation. Made from super premium materials it gently mills the cannabis without compressing it, resulting in a fluffy, consistent texture that significantly enhances airflow. It's user-friendly, easy to clean, and allows for customizable grind consistency. The overall experience and quality are exceptional.
Thanks Flower Mill!

William Thomas
Man, ignorance is bliss!

If you don't know, you just don't know any better.
I purchased a #2 and a #4 to go with the #3 that comes with the mill, and, I'm pleasantly impressed with EVERYTHING about the results...the uniformity, consistency, the ease. I still catch myself going back & looking at some milled product, and, appreciating a simple beauty. I feel the kinda pride that Hank Hill (King of the Hill) must feel looking at his freshly-mown yard.
Definitely NOT what I'd become accustomed to from a grinder.

Say cheese!

These things are grate 🧀 #2 Fine 🤌🏼✨

John Madill
Variety is the spice of life

Sometimes you wanna bowl, sometimes a joint, and sometimes you wanna cook with some of your stash. Being able to change the grind based on your preferences.

Try changing the grind size on a regular hand grinder! You can actually change the plate on this Flower Mill in seconds.

It’s nice to have options!

My only regret is that the plates don’t all come as a set for the new premium grinder, like they do for the standard.

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