Operation Tips

How To Operate

  • Remove the top and insert the whole herb into the housing. There is no need to break apart your herb as long as it fits into the milling chamber.
  • The housing can be full but not so much it protrudes from the top or over the center rod.
  • Replace top but do not compress the flower like in a traditional grinder (it will compact it and be more difficult to process).
  • Apply even and gentle pressure to the top while twisting in a back and forth motion. Listen for a change in sound to signal the top has bottomed out and milling is complete.
  • Remove the 1/4 turn lower catch to access harvest


Premium Edition Rotor Key 

  • Clean rotor face and flutes so key can fully engage
  • Place knob face up on a stable, flat, grippy surface (i.e. silicone mat on a countertop is great)
  • Engage key into rotor. Press down hard while turning counter-clockwise to loosen. 

Cleaning your mill

Items That You Will Need To Clean Your Flower Mill

  • 1 bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol

  • 1 Container - Pro Tip: Get One With A Lid So You Can Seal Up The Alcohol inside

  • 1 Cloth or Paper Towel

  • 1 Toothbrush or Q-Tip

Step 1

Completely Disassemble Your Mill

  • Remove the lid and lower catch from the housing assembly
  • Note: All threads are standard right hand, so clockwise to tighten, counter-clockwise to loosen.
  • Unthread the rotor from the knob
  • Unthread the sleeve from the tube and remove the diffuser screen
  • Unthread the taper from the catch
Step 1: Completely Disassemble Your Mill - hand holding Flower Mill Premium Grinder Over glass container and blue clothRemoving the lid and lower catch from the housing assembly of Flower Mill Premium EditionDisassembling Flower MillCompletely Disassembled Flower Mill

Step 2

Place All Your Components into the container to soak

  • Submerge all parts in ethanol or isopropyl alcohol for 5-10 minutes
 Step 2: Place Flower Mill Parts To SoakDisassembled Flower Mill parts in an empty glass containerPouring isopropyl alcohol over disassembled Flower Mill in glass containerLet it sit for 5-10 min: Disassembled Flower Mill soaking in isopropyl alcohol in a glass container

Step 3

Use a toothbrush to clean off anything remaining

  • Parts that are not free of grime may be agitated with a Toothbrush, Q-Tip, or soft rag

Rinse all parts with clean water

Dry parts thoroughly

 Use a toothbrush to clean off anything remaining and dry off: Hand using toothbrush to clean Flower Mill ScreenMan using toothbrush to clean Flower MillNow Dry Off Flower MillDried Off Flower Mill Parts

Step 4

Assemble Your Mill

  • Assemble your FlowerMill in reverse order
 Final Step: Assemble Your Flower MillMan assembling Flower MillMan assembling Cleaned Flower MillAny Questions Email Us at support@flowermillusa.com

Any Questions Email Us at Support@flowermillusa.com


Installing Pollen Screen

Premium Stainless Steel Maintenance

  • We chose stainless because of its hygienic and durability properties, similar to kitchenware and medical devices.
  • Minimize dry operation. The mill was designed to operate for long periods between cleanings and during normal operation a thin layer of natural flower oils reduces friction and wear.
  • We recommend applying a thin layer of food safe lubricant (Mill Wax, or similar) after cleaning to reduce friction and improve wear resistance.