Not Your Dad's Herb Grinder

Not Your Dad's Herb Grinder

It is time to level up the way you process your herbs! Traditional herb grinders forcefully cut and shred their way through your herb, resulting in uneven product that’s hard to work with. Your herb DESERVES BETTER, which is why we’ve created an innovative tool that solves this problem.  

Flower Mill progressively crumbles your herb where it naturally wants to break apart. This separation technique results in consistent and fluffy herb. Once you experience milling, and not having that abrasive cutting action you get with traditional herb grinders, you’ll see why Flower Mill has a cult following.

The Process

Unlike a conventional herb grinder where bigger herbs with stems typically need to be pre-ground, Flower Mill allows you to put the whole herb, stem and all, into the chamber, saving you time and product. 

When you load herb into the chamber, the rotor is specifically designed to put the right amount of torque on the bud. You don’t need to put the same downward pressure that you need to put into a conventional herb grinder. Allow the magnet to do the work for you effortlessly as you generously twist the top with just a little downforce, back and forth. As your herb naturally crumbles down to the appropriate size it’s sifted through the grind screen at a surprisingly fast rate compared to conventional herb grinders.

The rotor has a tight tolerance to the screen and pushes all the herb through. Additionally, the thin diffuser screen doesn't get any herb caught in it which means no more banging to try to and get it all through. With your Flower Mill, you’ll always achieve a complete and consistent grind.

Flower Mill is working off a different principle from just jamming herb into your grinder and cranking it to shred. Our revolutionary process treats your herb more gently and produces an incomparable end result. 


Flower Mill’s capacity is deceiving since half the volume isn’t taken up by barbaric shears that shred through your herb. 

Conventional herb grinders are designed with 25-50 shears that are all close together which limits the amount of herb you can grind at a time. Additionally, as you're shredding, some of your herb is trying to move through those shears, so it has to displace itself on each side which requires a lot of torque. With Flower Mill, you can easily fit 2-3 large herb clusters in the chamber and mill with ease. The result, a fluffier healthier-looking grind that most people have never experienced.

Cleaning Process 

Flower Mill may be the easiest grinder you’ve ever cleaned. 2 months of daily use, cleans up with less than 3 minutes of actual work. Though we’ve engineered Flower Mill to keep grime away from important surfaces, when you do choose to clean it, you’ll find it to be a very simple and easy process.

Say goodbye to Q-tip cleaning, because all you’ll need to clean your Flower Mill is Isopropyl alcohol, a rag, toothbrush, and a container and follow these easy steps. Now your Flower Mill looks brand new, feels brand new, and continues to work like the first day you got it.


When it comes to milling your herb, stainless steel is the superior metal to use. Your personal Flower Mill is created using food-grade safe stainless steel. We believe it makes processing herbs much safer and healthier. You wouldn’t cook with materials that weren’t food-grade safe so shouldn’t you be using a food-grade safe alternative to mill your herb too? 

In the end, it’s easy to see that Flower Mill stands out amongst the rest. From the safety to the efficacy of our product, this is the tool you want to be using when processing your herb. Traditional herb grinders are using old technology patented way back in 1905. Time to treat your herb better with innovative technology that mills your herb the right way. Welcome to the future!

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