Premium Edition Flower Mill

Stainless Steel 2.5" 3-Piece
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  • Made with Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel
  • 3 Piece with Optional 4 Piece Pollen Catch
  • Add Optional Mill Plates For a Finer Grind
  • Breaks Down For Easy Cleaning
  • Low friction washer prevents metal on metal contact in chamber

Stop Pulverizing Your Herb.

The patented design rolls the herb across the screen, progressively crumbling the herb where it naturally wants to break apart. This separation results in a naturally soft and fluffy herb.


Premium Edition Flower Mill
Premium Edition Flower Mill
Premium Edition Flower Mill
Premium Edition Flower Mill
Premium Edition Flower Mill
Premium Edition Flower Mill
Premium Edition Flower Mill
Premium Edition Flower Mill

How To Operate

Remove the top and insert the whole herb into the housing. There is no need to break apart your herb as long as it fits into the milling chamber. The housing can be full but not so much it protrudes from the top or is compressed.

Replace top. Apply even and gentle pressure to the top while twisting in a back and forth motion. Listen for a change in sound to signal the top has bottomed out and milling is complete.

Remove the 1/4 turn lower catch to access harvest

Info on stainless maintenance can be found here.

Hybrid Construction

A food grade (304) stainless steel milling chamber (rotor, sleeve, screen, and optional catch) ensures your herb is never milled using aluminum. Precision tolerances and careful design means minimal metal on metal contact in the milling chamber. The outer case is manufactured from aircraft grade (6061) aluminum to keep weight at a minimum. 

Milling (No Teeth)

Extra Fluffy

Rather than shredding like conventional grinders, Flower Mill’s innovative milling process crumbles the herb, resulting in a lighter, fluffier product.

Complete Milling

The rotor was specifically designed to naturally process your herb down to the appropriate size as it’s sifted through the milling screen leaving no partially processed herb behind to be painstakingly picked out.

Low Effort

Unlike conventional shredding, the Flower Mill requires much less effort to operate. The lower catch unthreads with only a quarter-turn and a magnetic closure on the top lid makes it easy to load and access your harvest.

Large Capacity

No pesky teeth taking up space plus the deep milling chamber means the Flower Mill can process more than a traditional 2.5" grinder. Quickly and cleanly process 3.5g at a time. 

Easy Cleaning

All parts fully disassemble to allow complete access and total cleanliness.

Swappable Milling Screens

Medium screen is included. The available expansion pack (sold separately) allows swapping between a total of five screen sizes to fine-tune the finished harvest to your preference. Unscrew the stainless sleeve to quickly change between screen sizes.

Additional Info

Rotor Key [Included]

Easily loosen and tighten the rotor on your Premium Edition Mill for cleaning.

Loose yours? Order a Replacement

Low Friction Washer [Included]

Reduces friction and minimizes metal on metal contact in milling chamber.

Have an older Premium? Click here to get a Free washer set

Customize Your Premium Mill

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